Steve Johns
Advanced Personality Trainer
Cert in Breath & Stress Therapy, Prac. of Counselling A.I.P.C.

Steve Johns is an internationally certified Advanced Personality Trainer and speaker based in the heart of the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. Specialising in human behaviour and relationships, Steve has over 15 years experience in his own private practice as well as training HR staff and upper management at both Macquarie Generation and Masonic Village Nursing Homes.

An outstanding communicator, he has a passion for delivering powerful and meaningful lessons in an entertaining and engaging way. His presentation style has been described as “riveting, inspirational, practical and fun.”

Whether it’s one on one or to an audience of hundreds, Steve has a simple message… you can dramatically improve your life by simply learning to understand yourself and others better; whether it be your personal life as an individual, your relationship as a couple or your professional life in the work place.

As well as being a personality trainer and speaker, Steve is the author of ‘Up Until Now,’ a book that is the culmination of all of his experiences working with people. Designed to be easily applied to your life, ‘Up Until Now’ can help you effect the changes you desire in your life by using simple tools shared by Steve that everyone can use!


Sally Bowen
Medical Herbalist & Sports/Bowen Therapist
Dip. of R.M., Dip. of S.T., Dip. of R.T., Dip. of Bow Tech., Adv Cert. of Applied Science., Adv. Dip. M.H., ATMS Prov No. 5140

Steve’s business partner and wife, Sally established her own small business Bowen’s Natural Therapy Centre over 20 years ago in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. A passionate professional, Sally began her career as a Remedial and Bowen Therapist and more recently, completed her Advanced Certificate in Medical Herbalism. Like Steve, Sally is passionate about helping others and works to aid her clients to not only acheive, but to maintain their own optimal health and wellbeing. Whilst continuing to run her Natural Therapy Centre, Sally is now lending her hand to assisting Steve with his workshops and training courses. If you have any questions or enquiries for Steve, you will more than likely have a chance to liaise with Sally who will be able to faciltate your needs.