“We hired Steve to help resolve staff dissonance and conflict between staff members. He engaged the staff from the outset and held their attention for the entire training. Something I have not seen before or since. He used humour to illustrate his points, but it was his ability to read the audience that I was most impressed with.

Our staff still remember the training some three years later and still talk about it! Thanks to Steve, our staff now better understand and accept each other’s personality differences, allowing them to work together and realising that all sorts of personalities can make an effective team. Steve’s presentation and training has improved the culture of the business and the staff are now much more accepting of each other.”

Louanne Riboldi, Regional General Manager - RFBI Lake Haven and Newcastle

“Steve has taught me how to change my thinking, how to move forward and live life to the fullest... I’m not on edge any more worrying about what other people are thinking, I can enjoy just being in the present because I have the tools to cope with anything thanks to Steve.”

Trevor Sutton, Bowen Therapist